Mounting USB in Virtualbox – Ubuntu

  1. Mount a USB drive (pen drive) may not work if you are using the Virtualbox you have installed from ‘Ubuntu Software Center’.
  2. Download the installer from
  3. Open the installer file and install from ‘Ubuntu Software Center’ (which will automatically open)
  4. Create a virtual machine
  5. Choose the virtual machine and click on settings. You will get an error message
    • VirtualBox - Warning
  6. It’s asking you to enter the current logged on user to the group ‘vboxusers’
  7. You can do this using gui or commandline
  8. Using Commandline:
    sudo useradd -G vboxusers username
  9. Using GUI: Open ‘Users and Groups’. If you don’t find that application, then install it from ‘Ubuntu Software Center’. It should be easy to add the user to the group from there.
  10. Logout and login again and it should work fine now!

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